What to Expect

Call or Stop by!

Schreiber Upper Extremity Rehab Clinic specializes in treating all upper extremity injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers and thumb.  You can stop by our office or give us a call! We will need a doctor referral and information from you to get you started. Bring your doctor prescription, insurance card, medication list, and driver's license and we'll set up an appointment for your evaluation day!  

Evaluation Day!

Come in with your filled out Medical History Form or come early to fill it out in the clinic.  The form is available under documents. The therapist will take measurements to evaluate and discuss your goals for therapy. Together with your doctor, we will develop the rehab program best suited for you to accomplish your goals!

Begin Therapy!

Our specialized clinic is able to provide you with quality care without the crowded space! In our one on one setting, we are able to be hands on with each patient. Keep in mind your therapy program is meant to challenge you, so come in for your first therapy session with a positive attitude. We'll walk you through each activity and familiarize you with our specialized equipment. The activities are designed to regain range of motion, strength, and function so you can safely return to your everyday routine at home and work.